GSD Photo Lab Reservation



The L20 Photo Lab is bookable 6pm-8am Monday-Friday and all day on weekends.

The space is furnished with two LED lights and a mini salon (which functions as a tripod). DSLR camera kits and additional LED lights can now be checked out from the Library Circulation Desk during regular operating hours.


Follow the instructions to the right to book a reservation for the Photo Lab. Please observe the following rules:


1. Leave the room how you found it (clean up after yourself please). Do not, under any circumstances, remove equipment from the Photo Lab without permission. 

2. Do not leave models in the Photo Lab. Any models left in the room for more than 24 hours will be disposed of without notice.
3. No not waste the backdrop paper. Avoid letting it touch the floor. Neatly cut and recycle any soiled paper.

For any questions, contact